Welcome to Martial Arts for Disabled International Register.

Thank you for showing interest in Martial Arts/Budo for disabled people, challenged or whatever may be the most politically correct expression?

Our goal with this website is to try to collect different resources about martial arts for disabled people in some kind of database because we got to spend a lot of detective work to find it for ourselves over the years.

But we also have over the years received indications that there might be a need for a more consolidated organization for the disabled martial arts / martial arts practitioners, so therefore we are considering now is to expand the International Association of Budo Culture for Disabled outside of Japan (in Japan at the moment represented by two instances ABCD Japan and Japan Shogaisha Budo Kyokai) and Sweden if there are any interest?

Anyway the idea is that MAFDIR will remain open and rather a network and database kind of a ledger of resources and contacts around the martial arts for the disabled.

A brief look in the mirror of history surounding MAFDIR.

The first thoughts about the phenomenon we hope MAFDIR to be started in the early 80s when Pontus Johansson began practicing Judo and Karate later on.
There were not many other disabled people around him who practiced martial arts so sometimes he felt that it was difficult to find sources of inspiration but also how to train to develop in an efficient way?

At this time the Internet was something new and Pontus decided to start looking there.
He discovered that around the world were and still are individuals or small groups engaged in activities with the martial arts for the disabled.
That these many times has experienced the same difficulties and in some places stuck but in other places has found solutions.

But because these small "islands" of martial arts for the disabled were not even aware of each other's existence, there was not anywhere to get this knowledge, the result was "inventing the wheel" again and again unnecessarily.

During his search and research, Pontus came in contact with Mr. Terry Taylor in the UK who also thought the same thoughts but also was going a step further ...
That they would try to collect these islands of knowledge in some form of database, but while such an open network as possible as they both experienced some of the "tunnel vision policy"that exists here and there in the martial arts and wanted as many people as possible would able to join without being in loyalty dispute with already established organizations, they wanted to keep it more like an open ledger, although to form something more lasting started to come gradually.

Unfortunately Mr. Taylor suddenly passed away a few years ago and thoughts on MAFDIR was put on hold.
However, we have in the years after that based on inquiries we have received understood that the need remains, therefore, we are now taking up the "relay stick" again.

MAFDIR of today.



As mentioned above, it is now our intention to keep MAFDIR as the versatile and open database and network that was supposed to be from the beginning.

We therefore hope that in whatever way you are involved in martial arts for disabled people are willing to register in this database in order to exchange ideas and perhaps also help to spread awareness of the martial arts for disabled people in your neighborhood?

Some examples of who/what you may be joining you on MAFDIR ...

* A Person with disabilities engaged in martial arts, or want to start training.

* An organization that operates the martial arts for disabled people or want to begin.

* You have relatives or friends with disabilities who train martial arts and want to be involved.

* You are an assistant to someone with disabilities engaged in martial arts and want to assist training in the best way.

* You are a knowledgeable medical expert and want information about martial arts as rehabilitation or self-knowledge in this field that you want to share.

And more...

IABCD the next step.



Ever since the first the formation of the Association of Budo Culture for Disabled in Japan almost ten years ago, the dream was to be a network within the existing martial arts organizations in the same way as it should be for each disability organization working to make itself into a position of "no need" in the same way that other public service organizations become common-knowledge to the people and assimilate fully into the broad and varied society.

The dream and the goal will always be the same but as many times before in history have we noticed that this can be easy in many places, but impossible in some places at least during a transitional period.

There has always been a verbal agreement between the activities in Japan and Sweden to support each other with knowledge and resources about martial arts for disabled so we can assume that IABCD already exists to some extent.
Over the years, however requests have come from elsewhere in the world to join.
From these contacts we also come to understand there might be a need for different degrees and forms of legitimacy in different parts of the world?
We have also seen that our members need to satisfy a slightly different needs with his/her martial arts training than people who have no disabilities, in other words the rehabilitation aspect, and in part may also be the cultural aspect is more important since many disabled people do not really feel comfortable in a situation where emphasis is on competition, it is a gap we hope to IABCD to accomplish filling?
While we know there are many organizations and associations that already fill the sporting needs of the disabled so it would be quite wrong to try to fill already filled holes.

We have therefore decided that if representative groups of at least five members from five countries want a more closely bound federation, we will officially form IABCD based in Japan, establishing bylaws and charter.

If your group wants to be a part of this fill in your details by clicking on the link "Tell us if You are interested in Joining a futures Intl. Association of Budo Culture for Disabled" and we'll contact you.

Sincerely yours in Martial Arts.

Pontus Johansson